Terms and Conditions

8. Terms and Conditions

Rules / Code of Conduct
1) All NYDS venues, including the school grounds, are smoke free.
2) No alcohol, cigarettes or illegal drugs are permitted. This includes during meal breaks and applies to all students, regardless of age.
3) Respect all persons and their property.
4) Respect the right of your tutor to teach and your fellow students to learn.
5) Be on time for all school activities.
6) Take care of your health and sleep requirements and wear clothing appropriate for movement (high-heels and mini-skirts are not appropriate) in order to get the most out of school activities.

Note: The National Youth Drama School Trust (‘the Trust’) reserves the right to dismiss / send home early any student, who:

a) fails to maintain a high standard of conduct, or
b) is unable to participate due to illness or injury.

The cost of any early return journey will be the responsibility of the student / student’s family.

Payment of $100 is required for consideration of application. Full payment required prior to start of NYDS.* After the final deadline, for cancellations resulting from exceptional circumstances, the Trust will consider written requests for a partial refund of Course Fees on a case-by-case basis. However, please be aware that the Trust must provide final numbers to the Hostel one week before the start date and that we are unable to refund Hostel Fees for cancellations after this date.

Personal Items
The National Youth Drama School Trust cannot be held responsible for loss or damage to personal property during the school.

Use of Image
During the school, photographs and video will be taken of various activities. The Trust may use these images to help promote NYDS by way of publication in print, online and/or in the media.

All conditions and medications must be disclosed at the time of application and you must advise the Trust of any additions or changes to this information between now and the start of the school.

The Trust reserves the right to send a student home should any known condition manifest, which has not been disclosed. The cost of any early return journey will be the responsibility of the student / student’s family.

In the case of a medical incident requiring treatment and in the event that the Trust is unable to contact the listed Emergency Contact, we will authorise any medical treatment deemed necessary. Any costs incurred as a result, will be the responsibility of the student / student’s family.

Privacy Information
The information collected in this form is held by the National Youth Drama School Trust, 222 Lascelles Street, Hastings. The information may be used for the purposes of assessing your suitability to attend the school and in organising and administering the operation of the school. The information may also be used for statistical purposes and to send you further information about the school and the Trust’s activities.

The information may be made available, as deemed necessary, to Trust staff, tutors, volunteers and members of the Trust Board. If you request Hostel or Billet accommodation, the information may also be made available to hostel staff and host parents. In the case of a medical emergency or incident requiring medical treatment during the school, the information may also be made available to attending medical practitioners.