NYDS would like to thank our sponsors and donors for their continued financial support. Without this generosity and committment to NYDS, our Scholarship Program would simply not be possible.

NYDS Scholarships for financial assistance range from $50.00 to $435.00 and are open to students from anywhere in New Zealand.

Scholarships are assessed on a competitive basis and both financial need and the standard of the student’s application will be consideredThe scholarship application deadline is November 8th,  but early applications are encouraged as NYDS can reach capacity quickly.

To apply for a scholarship, please complete the Online Application Form as normal.  Under the scholarship section, you will be asked to briefly explain your financial need (i.e.: the reason you would not be able to attend NYDS without a scholarship) and share what the opportunity to attend NYDS would mean to you.  You will also be asked how you and/or your school will raise your own funds towards attending NYDS.

If you have any questions, contact us on