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NYDS | April 2018

We will confirm dates and begin accepting applications for NYDS 2018 in September 2017.

Please do not complete the application form below at this time as it relates to NYDS 2017.

Important instructions for completing your application:

Please use your mouse or the TAB button to navigate through the application.  Do not use the ENTER button.

Once you click SUBMIT, you will not be able to amend your application.  You should be taken to a confirmation page and should also receive an e-mail confirming that your application has been received.  If this does not happen and you are taken back to the top of this page, please scroll down, complete any missing information highlighted in red and click SUBMIT again.

In order to complete this Application Form, you will need: 

  • Contact info for yourself, your parent(s) and at least one emergency contact person.
  • Details of your relevant experience and the name and contact phone number of a testimonial who can recommend you (eg: Drama, Speech, Dance, Music or English teacher).
  • To have read the Class Descriptions and decided on your top five choices.
  • A list of any medical conditions and all current medications.
  • To pay a $100.00 deposit either by online banking or by sending in a cheque.
    Note that the $100 deposit is only required at this stage for applications for the Dance for Commercial Performance class.  If you are completing an application to be placed on the waitlist (all other classes), please do not pay the $100 Deposit at this time.
  • Our preferred method of payment is by direct credit to our bank account: ANZ – The National Youth Drama School Trust – 01-0646-0246667-00 (please include your full name as the reference)
  • You can also mail a cheque payable to the National Youth Drama School to: National Youth Drama School, PO Box 600, Napier  4140
  • To agree to the ‘Terms and Conditions’

Your Parent or Legal Guardian must complete Sections 3, 4, 5 & 6.